Project Manager for an international Team for an Office 365 transition project with ~50.000 Users in 170 Locations and 40+ countries worldwide.
  Program Manager – Desktop & RZ Migration

Migration von ca. 11.000 Usern von Windows XP nach Windows 8(8.1); Novell -> Active Directory, Fileserverablösung, Aufbau einer Citrix Farm, Anwendungsclearing für ca. 2000
Anwendungen sowie Migration auf APP-V; Programm-Management  Verantwortlich für die Planung und Durchführung sowie Budget-verantwortung (ca. 25 Mio €) . 

Sparda-Bank München
Project Manager / Architect

Project management, planning and preparation of specifications for the tender of the software development for a Lotus Notes internal Call Center Application. The system was developed as an independent object model for Lotus Notes integration, so that the RUMBA plugin can be controlled with Lotus Notes script.